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Fontina DPO


Fontina DPO is a semi-cooked cheese made from raw, full cream cow’s milk using one single milking of the native Valdostan breed.






  • Shape: typically cylindrical and flattened with level surfaces. When freshly made the heel is concave but this is rarely visible when mature. Diameter between 35 and 45 cm, height varies between 7 and 10 cm.
  • Rind: compact and thin, from light to dark brown depending on aging conditions and duration. Softens and becomes semi-hard with aging. Rind is NOT edible.
  • Texture: elastic and soft, depending on period of manufacture, typically contains eyes throughout the wheel. Colour varies from ivory to approximately straw yellow.
  • Flavour: cheese melts in the mouth, sweet delicate flavour which gets stronger with aging.
  • Shelf-life: 60 days.


  • Ingredient: milk, alt, milk, starter culture, rennet.
  • Allergens: milk.
  • Characteristics: minimum period of aging 81 days but 150 days for more mature Fontina. Cheese produced during the summer at high altitude is tastier and has a stronger flavour.
  • Certification: EC Identification mark – IT 02 129 CE.
  • Transportation: refrigerate between 4 and 8 °C.
  • Microbiological properties: in compliance with guidelines set out for raw milk cheese in REG EC 2073-05 and subsequent amendments.


  • Product: cut into portions and vacuum packed.
  • Net weight per item: from 250 g to 2.25 kg.



1 Kg, 1/4 shape (2,25 Kg), 250 g, 500 g


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