La filosofia


Enhancing the agricultural production of the territory in all its expressions, creating high quality dairy products and seeking continuous innovation of products, processes and services in respect of the tradition and values ​​of the centuries-old rural culture of the Aosta Valley.

Secular recipes and a bit of personal interpretation

Eating natural products means getting excited and marveling at the tastes and flavors that nature can give us. This is why we produce simple and natural cheeses and dairy products, following the centuries-old recipe that has accompanied man for centuries, with a bit of personal interpretation that makes our products something unique and special.

Our secret, in fact, is not only the recipe, but also the careful care in the selection of the best milk, an authentic passion for work and the absolute lack of haste that makes lactic acid bacteria and rennet act at their best, capable to magically transform milk without the need for chemical additives.


The company has taken the road of Organic certification in 2004. We wanted to codify and certify the procedures that our contributing members have always followed in the breeding of cattle and milk production, respectful of the environment with a load of only 2 cattle per hectare, with the feeding of only local forage integrated with cereals from organic cultivation.

For us, producing Organic does not only mean eating natural, healthy, genuine and quality, but also means maintaining and following an ancestral lifestyle, the tradition of our People. A lifestyle made of respect for nature and therefore for the mountains, animals and ourselves. A lifestyle that looks to the past to guarantee the future. A lifestyle, as we would say today, sustainable.

Organic products

The organic PDO fontina is the continuity of our tradition, and next to it are certified organic products such as butter and beef cow.


The showcase of local products: from the local producer to the final consumer through our point of sale or through local restaurants that adhere to the initiative. The goal is always to enhance the agricultural production of the territory by “treading” to the raw material (milk, meat …) or to the finished product (cheese, motsetta, vegetables, small fruits, honey …) less km possible and to the final consumer the chance to get to know and savor the best of food and gastronomic production in the valley.

Certified company ISO 9001:2015

With the initials ISO 9001 we identify a series of regulations and guidelines developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which define the requirements for the realization, in an organization, of a quality management system, in order to conducting business processes, improving effectiveness and efficiency in product realization and service delivery, obtaining and increasing customer satisfaction.