Our philosophy


To promote the full range of local farm produce in offering high-quality dairy products, while both keeping up-to-date as regards products, techniques and services and adhering to traditional methods and the deep-rooted values which form part of the Valdostan farming culture.

Centuries-old recipes plus a tiny personal touch

Eating natural foodstuffs meanings being pleasantly surprised by the flavours which nature gives us. Without inventing anything new, we make simple and natural cheese and milk products from centuries-old recipes, nevertheless, that tiny personal touch helps make our products rather unique and special.

Our secret, however, is not in the recipe. Our secret lies in several features: choosing the best quality milk, our heartfelt passion for our work and our complete lack of haste which allows the milk enzymes and rennet to transform the milk into cheese magically and slowly without requiring chemical additives.

Organic Choice

We did not choose to produce organic Fontina – there was no need. We simply needed to certify a procedure that our members have instinctively followed when cultivating the land, rearing cattle, producing dairy products and processing milk. This raw material derives from a form of farming which is harmless to the environment: a maximum density of 2.2 cows per hectare fed exclusively on local fodder supplemented with organic cereals. For us and for our ancestors, producing organic Fontina not only means eating but eating natural, healthy, genuine high-quality food.

For us, producing organic Fontina implies preserving a life style typical of the local population. A life style that cares deeply about nature, the mountains, animals and ourselves. A lifestyle that looks to the past in order to guarantee the future, or perhaps a better, more commonly used word today would be “sustainable”.

Fromagerie Haut Val d'Ayas

Organic products

Organic Fontina represents the perpetuation of tradition; along with Fontina we sell certified organic products such as butter and beef “motsetta” (cured beef).

Local produce

A showcase of local products. Whether it be from local farmer to final consumer via our shop or a local restaurant, our aim is to promote local farm produce while ensuring that the raw material (milk, meat…) or the finished product (cheese, motsetta, vegetables, forest fruit, honey…) “travels” as little as possible. This ensures that the consumer, in particular the tourist, has the chance to sample the best quality foodstuffs offered by Valle d’Aosta.

Certified Company ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is a family of standards and guidelines set down by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation). These standards specify the requirements of an organisation to create a quality management system which improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the production process and provides the services which meet and enhance customer satisfaction.